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Admissions +

Digitise your school's admissions process.

Cloud-based admissions software designed to transform the admissions journey for prospective students joining your school.

Admissions+ is cloud-based admissions software that streamlines the admissions process for parents, students and schools by moving it online. Created to meet the needs of every school type, from Early Years to Post-16 entry, Admissions+ provides an end-to-end system for multiple entry stages. Developed by education specialists Applicaa, your school can benefit from automated processes that reduce the admin associated with student enrolment. This enabling quick and easy communication with applicants and parents to support their new school journey.

If you have manual paper-based processes, which are time consuming, prone to errors and need chasing up, then Admissions+ is the cloud-based system for you. Say hello to digital data entry, online enrolment, and the automatic transfer of data directly into SIMS.

Grow your school with Admissions+

Primaries | Secondaries | Sixth form

  • Digital admissions for Early Years to Post-16 entry
  • Simplifies the admissions journey for prospective students and families
  • Effective communication builds confidence with applicants and helps to attract more students
  • Support students with the transition to a new school or year group
  • Track your admissions process more effectively
  • NEW: Admissions+ SIMS app simplifies the transition of applications into SIMS

Why Admissions+?

Auto-enrol students who meet requirements and track popularity

Students who meet requirements can be auto-enrolled. Teachers can then create classes, add students, and create timetables. Whilst this happens, your admissions team can instantly monitor progress or course popularity.

No manual data entry, no more spreadsheets/ corrupted files, fewer risks

Reduce error and your level of risk by automating data collection and processing. This results in faster processing and frees up admissions staff to focus on more personal student interactions and events.

Communicate quickly with applicants and parents

Admissions+ enables students and families to complete their own data online and fill out forms as needed. Automated processing then helps you to increase enquiries and convert more applicants.

Collect references easily

Collect reliable and accurate references online, saving time and effort! References are stored in the student’s profile as a photo or scanned file.

Automatically transfer student data into sims

Transfer data automatically - save time and eliminate manual data entry by auto-transferring data into SIMS.

Set up virtual enrolment

Take the hassle out of organising events and interviews by managing everything online and create an online enrolment experience with Admissions+ at its core.

Quote Quote

Last year, we enrolled the highest number of students from 251 to over 300. this is in part down to Admissions+ and how easily and quickly we were able to respond to students and parents through the system.

Lorraine Hubert, 6th Form Administrator, Beth’s Grammar School

Quote Quote

Even easier to transfer applications from Admissions+ to SIMS

Admissions+ SIMS APP makes it even easier to transfer data from Admissions+ to SIMS, with intelligent data transfer:

+  Smart contact matching to prevent creating duplicates

+  Build student timetable automatically post enrolment day with classes writeback

+ Writeback includes User Defined Fields & Documents 

+ Detailed reports on integrations


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