Academic Management

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Course overview

This course explores procedures for allocating students to curriculum structures, including bands and classes, and maintaining class memberships. The functionality of class list and timetable printing in SIMS, and the curriculum analysis reports, are also covered.

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Benefits of attending

To learn how to allocate students within the curriculum and to produce curriculum analysis reports.

What you will learn

• allocating students to classes and bands
• export and import of student memberships
• student carousel rotations
• individual student curriculum
• whole curriculum assignment
• printing class lists from SIMS
• curriculum analysis routines in SIMS
• allocating students an alternative curriculum.

Who is it for?

Staff with responsibility for student class memberships and who have an understanding of the school's curriculum structures and procedures.

Course details

Phase of education
  • Secondary
Delivery Type
Face to face
Areas of responsibility
Administrative Staff
Data Manager
Course code
Multiple Sessions
Products covered
SIMS Core Suite

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