Course Manager and Post-16 Learning Aims

Course overview

This course explores how the Course Manager functionality of SIMS links areas such as Nova-T, academic management and Examinations Organiser, including procedures for supporting the maintenance of post-16 learning aims to ensure the appropriate funding for the school.
This course is not suitable for delegates from an independent school.

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Benefits of attending

To learn how SIMS Course Manager functionality links with other areas of SIMS to support maintenance of Post 16 Learning Aims.

What you will learn

• understand when a course is created
• understand the relationship between Course Manager and other areas of SIMS
• manage the student memberships of courses
• understand the link between examination awards and courses of study
• import and assign QWS QAN codes
• manage the post-16 learning aims processes.

Who is it for?

Academic administrators, exam officers and staff responsible for the Post 16 Learning Aims return. Basic knowledge of SIMS and census would be ideal.

Course details

Phase of education
  • Secondary
Delivery Type
Face to face
Areas of responsibility
Senior Leader
Exam Officer
Administrative Staff
Data Manager
Course code
Multiple Sessions
Statutory Returns

Upcoming scheduled courses

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