Generation Catch-up – how are schools closing the long-term learning gaps left by the pandemic?

SIMS Next Gen: The school MIS of today and tomorrow

Our continuous programme of innovation in advanced cloud services is building on the most widely use MIS in UK Education.

Supporting your priorities of today, and your ambitions for tomorrow.

Improving the daily lives of hard-working educators and creating more time for learning.

Future proofing your MIS investment

SIMS Next Gen will continuously evolve and add value to your existing SIMS investment by working alongside current features and protecting your existing reports and data.


Broadest, deepest MIS functionality

Advanced analytics and insights

Anywhere, anytime, any device access

Intuitive, tailored user experience

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Industry leading privacy and security

Seamless partner integrations

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What does this mean to your school today?

SIMS Next Gen is already delivering value to users by simplifying some of their everyday tasks.

Teachers can take their registers with a click of a few buttons, whether it’s primaries completing statutory am/pm registers, or secondaries taking daily lesson registers.

Capturing assessments is also made easier. Teachers can record marks when and how they want, and are given an instant, real-time view of progress.

And with our intuitive browser-based search, all school users have quick access to both pupil and staff information without involving admin teams.


Want to know more?

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