A continuous multi-year programme of customer driven innovation, designed to add-value to your investment in SIMS. Discover the next generation of school MIS.

Make your school's MIS move to the cloud easy

Meet SIMS Next Gen: a brand new look and functionality for SIMS in the cloud.

Seamless data sharing with SIMS makes it easy for schools, groups or MATs to add our cloud features without disrupting how you work.

Better than that - for most SIMS schools, Next Gen is included in their existing contract.


Best-in-class edtech cloud security and data protection

Market leading investment in the technology and specialist team vital to protect your data and systems.

Seamless data sharing with your SIMS MIS

Move to the cloud at your own pace without the hassle of a change of technology.

Cloud innovation inspired by schools needs

We're working with customers to deliver cloud functionality that addresses their most important needs.

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Jason Falkner, Business Manager, The Radcliffe School, explains just how easy it's been for school staff to access the immediate benefits from SIMS Next Gen.