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Leading EdTech in cyber security and compliance

In 2023, there was a 70% increase in cyber attacks on the education sector. This alarming increase means it's now crucial that schools adopt a robust cyber security strategy to prevent cyber criminals from exploiting vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure.

Our cyber security whitepaper outlines how you can safeguard your school against cyber threats.

More than 50%

of victims pay the ransom or lose their data entirely

Over 40%

of EdTech suppliers show critically weak patch management processes


 malicious attacks blocked by SIMS each month

What to expect in the cyber security whitepaper

  • Top tips for building a robust cyber security strategy.
  • The impact of a cyber attack on a school or MAT and what you can do to protect your establishment.
  • How to choose the right security partner.
  • Key questions you should be asking cyber security providers.

Best-in-class cyber security with SIMS

Download our whitepaper to discover how you can protect your school infrastructure from cyber attacks with a successful cyber security strategy.