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SIMS for Primary schools

With a strong focus on enhancing teaching and learning, improving student outcomes, and streamlining administrative tasks, SIMS is a reliable partner for your school's success.

Trusted by thousands of primary schools across England and Wales SIMS helps schools work more efficiently every day. 

Focus on teaching

SIMS reduces the time teachers spend on admin, so they can focus on planning and delivering outstanding lessons. The intuitive tools within SIMS are well-received and confidently used by teachers, helping them to do what they love most—teach. 

By reducing workloads, improving communication, and simplifying the management of pupil and school information, SIMS also supports teacher retention.

Be prepared for reporting and inspections

SIMS significantly eases the burden of reporting and preparing for inspections. It efficiently stores and organises all necessary information, presenting it in an intuitive, easy-to-analyse format.

This capability helps schools quickly identify areas to showcase or improve. Additionally, SIMS provides a robust framework for safeguarding pupils, ensuring that schools can provide clear evidence of their efforts.

Bring data to life

Gone are the days of juggling multiple spreadsheets or sifting through paper files. SIMS consolidates all your school’s data into one easy-to-access platform, making information simple to understand and actionable. 

This integration brings primary school data to life, facilitating informed, impactful decision-making and saving valuable time for school staff.

Discover how SIMS can help your school improve attainment and streamline office tasks.

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