A continuous multi-year programme of customer driven innovation, designed to add-value to your investment in SIMS. Discover the next generation of school MIS.

SIMS for SEND schools

At SIMS, we understand the unique challenges faced by special education schools. Our school information management system is designed to provide a comprehensive view of every pupil's needs and learning journey, helping you deliver the highest quality education.

Empowering special educational needs schools to achieve excellence.

Ease of use

Information is accessible at the click of a button, allowing you to focus more on your pupils' individual needs rather than on administrative tasks.


Understanding that every SEN school is unique, we designed SIMS to be highly flexible, helping you overcome specific challenges effectively.

Parent engagement

Engage parents fully in their child's school life and progress anytime, anywhere. This ensures crucial communication and involvement in the educational journey.

Comprehensive pupil insights

SIMS offers a holistic view of each student's progress and needs, ensuring you have the information necessary for informed decision-making. 

Our platform helps you advance the education you offer, tailored to each pupil's unique journey.

Reliable technology

Trusted by our customers for its robustness and reliability, SIMS is the leading MIS for SEN schools. 

We continually invest in research and development to enhance our system based on your feedback, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of your school.

Data consolidation

All the information you need about pupils, their progress, and school management is securely consolidated in one place. 

This simplifies data management and makes accessing critical information straightforward and efficient.

Expert advice & community support

Benefit from a wealth of support, including SIMS helpdesk support, user groups, forums, and online updates. 

With decades of experience, SIMS offers expert advice to tackle the unique issues facing SEND schools. Our guidance ensures your school runs efficiently while supporting each pupil's needs. 

Learn how SIMS can support your school and enhance the education you offer to your pupils.

Contact our expert team to learn more about our products and solutions trusted by thousands of SEND schools.