Discover SIMS Next Gen – the latest evolution of SIMS for the cloud. A brand new look and powerful new functionality at your fingertips.

SIMS Financial Management System (FMS)

Maximise your financial budget

SIMS FMS provides a comprehensive overview of your school’s finances, enabling busy finance staff to complete day-to-day financial tasks quickly. 

With our ICAEW-accredited solution, you can manage your budget effectively and meet all your stakeholders' reporting requirements.

Accurately calculate staffing costs  

Automatically reconcile payments against individual members of staff, by linking SIMS FMS with SIMS Personnel.

Save time and money on financial processes 

Orders can be sent electronically via supplier portals. School invoices can be authorised and paid via BACS.

Keep track of your school equipment 

Items can be assigned to a staff member or room. Detailed audit trails can be generated. Academies can establish asset registers.

FMS Reporting

FMS Reporting is set to transform how leaders and finance teams prepare and share operational, management, and audit reports across schools and school groups. It will significantly reduce the workload associated with report generation, introducing innovative features for saving and exporting data in widely used formats. 

Key benefits for all schools:

  • Cloud-based - flexible, secure, anytime, anywhere access 
  • Export in popular file formats – XLS, PDF and CSV. Improved formatting options for greater clarity
  • Efficient data access – drill down into individual reports for more information
  • Historic financial views – view multi-year reports in a single report
  • Customisation – tailor, modify and save reports for future re-use
  • Data visualisation – highlight trends and visualise data with charts and graphs

Next Generation FMS

We’re building on our market-leading solution, FMS6 to offer an integrated cloud-based finance solution to LA maintained schools along with new functionality for Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs). 

This next generation of FMS in the cloud, will streamline school budget management and simplify statutory reporting for all schools. 

Key benefits:

  • Cloud-based technology - flexible, secure, anytime, anywhere access
  • Intuitive user interface – places essential functions at your fingertips
  • Retained database structure – a straightforward migration path without the need for retraining
  • Seamless integration - with SIMS Next Gen, FMS Reporting, and a wide range of third parties, consolidating your financial management into one cohesive Management Information System (MIS)

In addition, MATs will benefit from

  • Centralised banking – maintain debtors and transfer money between schools
  • Inter-school journals – manage recharges and apportion costs across schools within the same group.
  • Centrally managed suppliers – ensures consistency in supplier data across all schools within a MAT or school group
  • Authorisation hierarchy and the ability to allow multiple authorisers will reduce bottlenecks and ensure the right people to be involved in the approval process at the right stage

Coming soon

Exciting upgrades are underway to enhance our financial management system for increased efficiency and simplicity. 

Both FMS reporting and Next Generation FMS will be entirely cloud-based.

That’s just the start

As well as our next generation of FMS products, we're investing £40m in SIMS Next Gen - our management information system for the cloud.

A multi-year programme of innovation which will be complete by the end of 2026.

View our roadmap to see what’s available now and what’s coming. 

Want to learn more about SIMS FMS?

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