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SIMS for Secondary schools

Schools choose SIMS to enhance their ratings and support their development plans. With decades of proven success, SIMS helps schools implement positive changes, making school management easier and more efficient.

SIMS is the trusted school management information system for thousands of secondary schools across the UK.

Empower Decision-Making with Key Data

SIMS simplifies the process of finding, analysing, and managing essential school information. From attendance and attainment to budgets and safeguarding, SIMS provides quick and easy access to data, facilitating efficient reporting and informed decision-making. 

School groups also benefit from a comprehensive view of data across all schools, helping to identify trends and improve learner outcomes.

Streamline Tasks and Enhance Communication

Understanding the demands of secondary education, SIMS is designed to reduce workloads through streamlined tasks and communication. 

With our range of parental engagement solutions, staff can maximize their working hours, while advanced engagement tools enable effective communication with students and parents.

Support for Teaching Staff

SIMS offers intuitive tools to help teachers with administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more on student learning and achievement. 

Features like the parent app, on-the-go assessment tools, and the teacher app simplify everyday tasks, lightening the workload for teachers and enhancing their ability to drive student success.

Timetabling made easy

Seamlessly integrated with SIMS, Nova T6 takes away the hassle of timetabling. 

Customisable and flexible, Nova T6 makes sure there are no gaps and no clashes. You can update at the click of a button and pull off a range of reports including resource capacity.

Discover how SIMS can help your school improve attainment and streamline office tasks.

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