A continuous multi-year programme of customer driven innovation, designed to add-value to your investment in SIMS. Discover the next generation of school MIS.

Tailored Solutions for Independent Schools

At SIMS, we understand that independent schools have unique needs and challenges compared to state schools.

For years, we have been dedicated to developing school management software specifically for managing independent prep and senior schools, helping you enhance standards, demonstrate academic excellence, attract new students, and evaluate the success of your marketing efforts. 

SIMS provides everything you need to run your school efficiently and effectively.

Demonstrate School Excellence

Boost and showcase the achievements of every student while continually proving the value of your education. SIMS tracks attainment at every stage, providing insights into students’ progress, conduct, and achievements—all accessible from a single screen. 

This helps you make informed decisions and stand out from other schools.

Access All School Data from One Screen

Managing school data can be complex, the SIMS school management system simplifies this process. Access, analyse, and manage essential information effortlessly, from pupil achievement to teaching quality, budget management, and cash flow. 

SIMS provides a clear picture of performance across your school, reducing time spent on administration and enabling you to focus on delivering outstanding education.

Improve Efficiencies in Every Area

Running an independent school is akin to running a business, often with greater complexity. SIMS streamlines operations, giving you the information you need to manage your school like a business. 

From registration and admissions to fees billing and report writing, SIMS offers dedicated solutions to help you operate efficiently and profitably.

SIMS Products Designed for You


Our products are specifically designed for operational excellence within independent prep and senior schools.

We offer solutions for registration, admissions, fees billing, report writing, managing extra-curricular activities, and maintaining your alumni community. These tools help you overcome challenges and demonstrate the excellence of your education.

Discover how SIMS can help your independent school harness the power of data and improve efficiency.


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