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SIMS Group Analytics


Performance monitoring for MATs and school groups

SIMS Group Analytics is a comprehensive reporting and analytics service specifically designed for Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) or alternative groups of schools. Leaders have the insights to identify trends, benchmark performance, and implement targeted improvement strategies across the trust, driving school performance, and ensuring educational excellence.

School leaders are supported by our expert education consultants to provide a comprehensive overview of trust performance.


Performance dashboards

Drive efficiency and inform faster decision-making through actionable insights. 

Education consultancy

Personalised support and guidance to help you configure, understand, and analyse your data

Custom dashboards

We can build custom dashboards that surface the data of most importance to you.

Gain insight and implement impactful strategies

SIMS Group Analytics helps drive improvement and ensure educational excellence across your group of schools.

The data, tools, and expert advice you need for a complete view of your group or trust performance including:

  • Attendance 
  • Key student demographics
  • Suspensions and exclusions
  • Statutory assessment
  • SEND
  • Interventions
  • Staff demographics and turnover 

No more manual data extraction, processing, and analysis across each school in your group or trust.

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That’s just the start

We’re investing £40m in SIMS Next Gen - our management information system for the cloud.

A multi-year programme of innovation which will be complete by the end of 2026.

View our roadmap to see what’s available now and what’s coming. 

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