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Encourage Free School Meal Applications with Online Free School Meals (OFSM)

Eligibility for free school meals is a common indicator for Pupil Premium entitlement. With fewer parents applying for free school meals, schools and students may not always be benefitting from their Free School Meal or Pupil Premium income.

OFSM makes it easier for your school to get accurate Free School Meal eligibility information. Parents and schools can quickly and simply identify eligible students, allowing schools to maximise their Pupil Premium income as well as ensuring students receive their school meal.

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Although parents do apply for free school meals, there are so many who don’t – either because they don’t realise that they are eligible, struggle with English as an additional language or don’t have the time or the capacity to fill in a paper form. We needed a system that would make it easier for parents and with OFSM, this can now be done confidentially.

Sarah Nicholls, School Business Manager at Oswald Road Primary School


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