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Struggling to reach parents?

How can you make it easier for them to become involved in their child's learning?

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SIMS all-in-one Parental Engagement solution seamlessly brings parents, students and schools together.

With the parental engagement software and mobile app everyone can access information immediately from any device, in real-time, in and out of the classroom.

  • Make it easier for parents to engage with every aspect of school life
  • Improve learning outcomes
  • Two-way communication
  • Motivate students and encourage learning
  • Manage activities and payments

Take a look a this webinar with Dr Janet Goodall who explains the importance of parental engagement and how it can help break the cycle of underachievement. 

The webinar shares some of Dr Goodall's research and findings, and also gives some top tips to help improve parental involvement in a child's learning.

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Parental Engagement: What works & why?

Here, Dr Janet Goodall discusses the importance of parental engagement and how it helps with learning strategies & raising student achievement.