A continuous multi-year programme of customer driven innovation, designed to add-value to your investment in SIMS. Discover the next generation of school MIS.

Training & consultancy

Enhance your school's proficiency with SIMS through our personalised training options tailored specifically to your institution's requirements.

Led by experienced consultants, these sessions cater to up to ten delegates, ensuring focused attention and addressing your group's unique needs. This customisable approach not only fosters a deeper understanding of SIMS but also facilitates seamless integration of new software and processes within your school environment.

Structured training courses

with industry experts


face-to-face or virtual

Mentor & assist packages

bitesize remote sessions

Bespoke technical consultancy

technical on site support


full potential & SIMS data

New to

starter courses

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SIMS training at your school

Beyond our scheduled courses, unlock the power of customised SIMS training designed exclusively for you and your colleagues at your school. Our seasoned experts will personally guide up to ten delegates through tailored content addressing your group's unique needs.

This option not only offers a cost-effective solution for local school partnerships, federations, and trusts but also facilitates deeper understanding and seamless integration of new software and processes within SIMS. 

Mentor packs

Unlock the transformative power of SIMS for your school or academy with our expertly crafted mentor packs. Designed by seasoned consultants, these packs empower your institution to fully harness the potential of SIMS.

Available for purchase, our mentor packs offer flexibility, allowing you to utilize them in convenient, bite-sized sessions throughout the year. Rest assured, a skilled professional is always within reach to guide and support you along every step of your SIMS journey.

Helping you get more from SIMS

Learn from experts

and empower your school to leverage SIMS to its fullest extent.

Choose your learning style

remote sessions or onsite training and consultancy for up to 10 people.

Comprehensive range of topics

encyclopedia of knowledge and skills needed for success.

Bespoke options

for your school on a consultancy or bespoke basis.

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