Discover SIMS Next Gen – the latest evolution of SIMS for the cloud. A brand new look and powerful new functionality at your fingertips.


teamSOS handles incidents differently, from the every day occurrences to emergencies, the simple response system allows instant alerts, two way communication and real time guidance on any device.

With reporting dashboards, teamSOS is more than a tool. The purpose-built innovation alerts, informs and empowers staff to ensure best case outcomes every time.


School incidents occur on a daily basis, ranging from minor behavioural issues to critical emergency situations. Your staff requires assistance and guidance. Utilise teamSOS to simplify your incident management process, empowering staff with the confidence to address incidents promptly and efficiently.


In times of unforeseen events, it's common for policies, procedures, and protocols to slip from memory. Prepare for worst-case scenarios by equipping every staff member with support through Guidance.


In times of urgency, such as during evacuations, invacuations, or lockdowns, use teamSOS Announcements to facilitate clear and effective communication, ensuring that all staff members are well-informed and able to stay updated.

teamSOS can be accessed through SIMS7, by clicking on the ‘Focus’ menu. Here you will be able to enjoy a free 60 day trial.