Analysing Assessment Data at Key Stage 3 and 4

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Course overview

Learn how to analyse the full range of your students’ assessment data. Explore advanced features including analysis grids, tracking grids, new Key Stage 4 analysis resources and complex formulas which enable you to use SIMS Analysis as a tool to improve student attainment.
This course will take delegates through the new KS4 resources created in SIMS based on the latest information supplied by the DfE in relation to Progress Measure 8 and the GCSE reform (numerical grading).

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Benefits of attending

To understand how to make best use of the advanced features within SIMS Analysis and gain a practical understanding of the new KS4 SIMS Assessment resources and how to use them effectively for analysis.

What you will learn

• creating and maintaining user defined groups
• creating and using analysis grids; group, aspect, chance and result-set
• using individual reports for analysis
• creating tracking grids
• importing the new KS4 resources including Assessment templates, SIMS reports and Discover graphs
• how to clone the CAS KS4 Overview templates
• creating Assessment Mapping Tool definitions for internal assessment and examination results
• how to convert results linked to Assessment Mapping Tool definitions
• how to view converted assessment results on the CAS KS4 Overview definitions
• generating and understanding the KS4 Report Definitions
• generating the KS4 Discover graphs and using them to analyse academic and pastoral groups.

This course includes the e-module ‘Analysing Data’ which will be made available to you before the course commences.

Who is it for?

Staff with a full understanding and experience of the setup and use of SIMS assessment, alongside a clear understanding of the assessment process within their school.

Course details

Phase of education
Delivery Type
Face to face
Areas of responsibility
Assessment Co-Ordinator
Data Manager
Course code
2 Days

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