Agents and Agencies

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Course overview

External organisations and individuals can be recorded in SIMS together with their contact details and can be linked to pupils on their Additional Information panel, Medical panel or SEN Record.
An agency is the term used in SIMS to identify an organisation that employs agents entered into SIMS. An agent is an individual who has some involvement in a pupil’s development.

Part of the new SIMS Office User course suite.

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Benefits of attending

An agency can be an LA support team, a doctor’s surgery, or any other organisation that employs people who are classed as agents in SIMS.
Learn how external organisations and individuals are recorded in SIMS and linked to pupils in the Additional Information panel, Medical panel or SEN Record.

What you will learn

By the end of the course you will have gained an understanding of the following:
Adding and maintaining agencies
Adding and maintaining agents
Linking agents and agencies to pupils
Tidying agents and agencies

Who is it for?

School Administrators

Course details

Phase of education
  • Primary
  • Secondary
Delivery Type
Face to face
Areas of responsibility
Administrative Staff
Course code
1 Hour

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